Which sprint designs are available in the innovation process in Digital Energy Hub?

1. Identification of sprint environments

a) The strategic partners in Digital Energy Hub identify the strategic challenges, which is the cornerstone of the innovation process

b) The technical universities inspire and qualify the challenges based on their research-based knowledge on technology and development in the energy sector

c) The clusters inspire and qualify the challenges based on knowledge from the Danish SME's and trends in the industry

d) Center Denmark inspire and qualify the challenges based on data and digital possibilities, as well as facilitating the innovation process and which designs can be implemented

e) Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley, inspire and qualify based on knowledge on international investors interests and international trends


2. Strategic challenge to sprint environment

Based on the work in step 1, the strategic challenge can be presented in the following two sprint environments:

a) Inspirational Sprints

Strategic challenges, which attempts to remove essential technological or business-related road-blocks in the industry are incoorporated in the Inspirational Sprints. Here it is to ensure the road from big data to big business in the energy sector.

Examples can be standardization of data communication, markets for certificates to incentivize data sharing, or flexibility markets to incentivize that flexibility is mobilized and utilized. 

b) Challenge Sprints

Strategic challenges, which directly relates to new products and business models, which can be materialized within a shorter period of time due to the availability of data and mobilizing SME's.

Examples could be digital models to improve operation of production facilities, distribution systems or customer facilities in the electricity-, heating-, waste-water treatment-, gas, and PtX systems.  

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A) Inspirational sprints

Barriers in the energy sector which hinders the possibility of scalable business models, are identified, problematized and recommendations are developed to resolve these in the inspirational sprints.

Further information can be obtained by the following link:













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B) Challenge sprints

Specific strategic challenges are formulated as challenges, in which coupled data from the energy system, talented SME's and state-of-the-art knowledge from the Digital Energy Hub partners, all mixed together, can develop digital products and business models, which can be directly be put to use in the industry.

Further information on the Challenge Sprints can be obtained here: https://www.digitalenergyhub.com/da/om-digital-energy-hub/challenge-sprint/ 











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