Digital Energy Hub will be the first innovative ecosystem in Big Data, AI and Internet of Things for energy in Denmark

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About Digital Energy Hub

This project aims to build a Digital Energy Hub, together with Danish companies to accelerate the green transition of the energy sector.

Digital Energy Hub will be the first innovative ecosystem in big data, AI, and IoT for energy in Denmark.

A Data Lake-centered innovation ecosystem will ensure coordination and synergy between stakeholders and provide the basis for enhanced innovation strength and competitiveness of Danish companies, primarily in the digital sector and the energy sector

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This will be achieved by:

  1. creating great digitalization awareness in Danish companies’ product development, business models, and strategies;
  2. create and disseminate knowledge and technical solutions in energy tech companies that ensures future competencies;
  3. be a national hub that bridges the gap between stakeholders in the digital energy ecosystem and builds collaborations between companies and research environments;
  4. strengthen the Danish energy ecosystem through investment attraction. 
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Collaboration model

  1. The strategic partners identify specific challenges to be addressed within the hub.
  2. Innovation sprint programs are conducted based on these challenges.
  3. Talented SMEs are recruited and invited to work with data related to the problem and develop digital business models.
  4. Universities contribute state-of-the-art knowledge about digital technologies and energy systems to the sprint programs.
  5. The solutions are refined within the hub, and the Innovation Center, Silicon Valley, engages international investors.