International anchoring

The hub offers a unique opportunity for companies in the sprint programs to engage internationally. Here, they can find inspiration for offerings and events that can help them establish a presence in the international market.

Bifrost 2023 Summit

At the Bifrost 2023 conference in San Francisco, Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley has gathered insights and perspectives from experts and leaders across various fields with the aim of bringing knowledge back to the ecosystem in Denmark.
Each video features five interviews with experts and entrepreneurs from different industries, including AI & Big Data, Energy, and Start-ups in Silicon Valley. We are excited to share this knowledge with the Danish ecosystem and contribute to the development and success of our community.


Being a Nordic Startup in Silicon Valley


In this video we explore how it is like being a start-up in Silicon Valley.

Marcus Rönnegren Liu, Senior Manager at the Green Transformation Initiative, and Kirsti Chou, Founding Partner at Planet Positive, provide insights into what it's like to be both a startup and an investor in Silicon Valley. They discuss the numerous opportunities, intense competition, and offer tips for Nordic startups looking to enter the American market. They are joined by Malin Frithiofsson, CEO of DAYA, and Mika K. S. Tienhaara, CEO of Rocsole, who share their stories and the aspects that fascinate them within their respective fields. Finally, Alex Bergo, Director of Innovation Norway, highlights why Nordic companies should consider Silicon Valley.


AI og data

In this video, we explore the AI & Data ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs, and Shilpa Kolhatkar, Global Head of AI Nations at NVIDIA, share expert insights about the future of AI. They discuss the fascination within the field, challenges, and the opportunities that lie ahead. They are joined by Petri Talala, Vice President & General Manager at Unike, and Mikael Munck, CEO of, who share their stories and their use of AI technology. Additionally, Seppo Rantala, Consul General of Finland in Los Angeles, provides insights into transatlantic collaboration and the benefits of being a Nordic company in California's innovation hub, Silicon Valley.



In this video we dive into the energy industry.

Pooja Jain, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Strategic Innovation at WSP and Founder of Emerge, along with Claus Krog Ekman, Energy Attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provide insights into the energy sector in California. They discuss the future of Climate-tech and the trends they expect to follow in the coming years. They are accompanied by Karin Ebbinghaus, CEO of Elonroad, and Ósvaldur Knudsen, CEO of Laki Power, who share their stories and the benefits they see in being in Silicon Valley. Lastly, Jesper Kamp, CEO of Innovation Centre Denmark and Consul General of Denmark, shares the advantages of being a Nordic company in California and how Denmark in Silicon Valley can assist businesses on their international journey.