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International Summerschool DTU: Time Series Analysis - with a focus on modelling and forecasting in energy systems

DTU Compute is hosting an International Summerschool for advanced Time Series Analysis, focusing on energy system modeling and forecasting. Here, the focus is on elevating your expertise in data-driven insights for real-world applications.

Tidspunkt: 14. august 2023 - 18. august 2023


The focus is on data from buildings and aggregated buildings in districts etc., and on load, solar and wind power forecasting. Finally, the program ends with a day devoted to MPC and optimization.

Digital Energy Hub co-hosts and guests this event with an introduction and a discussion on Data Spaces in the energy system. This is from 15.00-17.00 on the 17th of August.


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Location: Maskinmesterskolen (Købmagergade 86, 7000 Fredericia

Learning Objectives

A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • Achieve thorough understanding of maximum likelihood estimation techniques.
  • Formulate and apply non-parametric models using kernel functions and splines - with focus on solar and occupancy effects.
  • Formulate and apply time adaptive models.
  • Formulate and apply models for short-term forecasting in energy systems, e.g. for heat load in buildings, electrical power from PV and wind systems.
  • Application of statistical model selection techniques (F-test, likelihood-ratio tests, model validation).
  • Formulate and apply grey-box models - model identification - tests for model order and model validation, and advanced non-linear models.
  • Achieve understanding of model predictive control (MPC) - via applied examples on energy systems.
  • Achieve understanding of flexibility functions and indicies.


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